Vaporizers Are Mainstream Enough for NYT Style Section

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Now that vapes are the subject of licensing deals between manufacturers and celebrities—Snoop Dogg, 2 Chainz, Claw Money—they're fashionable enough to be featured in the New York Times Style section. Finally, people are acknowledging what most of us already knew: getting high is cool.


Companies like G Pens and Trippy Stix have been partnering with celebrities—mostly rappers and artists so far—who are already open about being marijuana enthusiasts to design and brand their own vaporizers. (Snoop's is covered with a map of his hometown Long Beach, CA, while graffiti artist Claw Money's comes with a cute little paw pouch.) Considering that non-smoke shop-type stores like online clothing retailers and fashionable NYC boutiques are selling vaporizers, it was only a matter of time before they were normalized enough to be become a legit trend deserving of its own fashion-y writeup.

Like any great accessory, a flashy vaporizer pen can be a conversation starter.


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There's a vaporizer WAREHOUSE where i live. Literally a warehouse with vaporizers and vaporizer products.