Vanity Fair's bitchiest interviewer, George Wayne, sat down with tennis icon Billie Jean King for a rollicking interview in which the two discuss sex, love, and Rafael Nadal's "bubble butt." One of the best parts of the discussion is when King talks about standing up for transsexual Renée Richards. "I just had my eyes checked by Renée. She is one of the world's leading ophthalmologists. Back in the day, when she wanted to join the tour, all the women were freaking out about this transgender person wanting to join," Billie notes. "I said to them, 'Cool your jacks here. We have to find out more information.' So I called her up and said, 'I need to meet you.' We sat for four hours because I wanted to hear her truth. She was great, and then I went to doctors and asked, 'Is she a woman or a man? What do you think? What is she?' And they said, 'She is a woman.' And that is all I wanted to know. So I went to the Women's Tennis Association and I said, 'Guys, she is gonna play and you better welcome her.' And we even played doubles together, too." [Vanity Fair]

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He interviews everybody the same way and it's kind of a "joke" thing. All of his interviews have that tone, not just hers.

That having been said - I can see why you might find it offensive.