Vanity Fair Gives Up, Asks Carson Daly Whether Christina Aguilera Is a Squirter

Illustration for article titled emVanity Fair/em Gives Up, Asks Carson Daly Whether Christina Aguilera Is a Squirter

Anyone with a solid memory for Eminem lyrics can tell you that Christina Aguilera and Carson Daly were once rumored to be dating:

Shit, Christina Aguilera better switch me chairs
So I can sit next to Carson Daly and Fred Durst
And hear 'em arguing over which one she gave head to first


Which is surely why Vanity Fair's George Wayne asked Carson Daly if he thought Aguilera squirts when she has an orgasm. "Are you kidding me?" Daly said. "Is that your opener? I have no idea. I can't imagine the thought. I mean, really." The Xtina talk continued:

G.W. I mean, clearly-just look at the outfits she chooses to wear onstage. Tell that girl to put some clothes on! I believe that is a rational question to ask you. I know it is a bit off-piste.

C.D. Yes, it is. I will say she does have a lot of people on her team, a whole entourage to help her, and she knows what she is doing. Oh boy, I love you. You are the best. You are so great-just the best. Despite your asinine question about Christina, it is still a pleasure to be here with you.


Look, it's fine if your shtick is "asking controversial questions," but try to be funnier, maybe?

[Vanity Fair]

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Why yes Mr Wayne, a woman's ability to achieve female ejaculation is directly related to the outfits she wears whilst performing on stage, well done sir!

*bashes head against wall at the shocking, shocking standard of journalism*