Vanessa Hudgens: Uggs & Updo

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[Los Angeles, CA, December 24. Image via INF.]


I can't do sweats even when I'm making a last minute run to Wal-mart in the middle of a painting project. I just can't.

I have also resisted Uggs until lately I've found myself considering a purchase. I've found myself browsing some of the more subdued styles but so far have prevented myself clicking that "checkout" button. Truth is, though, this is gonna be a brutal cold winter here in another month or so and years ago when I worked mountain rescue I ended up with mild frostbite on both feet more than once. My resistance to cold (footwise) seems to be decreasing the older I get, so Uggs may not be bad after all.

Crocs, on the other hand are products of Satan and will never touch Gretchen toes.