Vandal Puts Words In Eva's Mouth

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Over the weekend, someone added a speech bubble to the giant Calvin Klein billboard on Houston St. in New York, where Eva Mendes currently holds court in a pair of jeans and little else. A tipster snapped a photo.

The addendum — "Willing and labeled" — seems like the sophomoric pseudo-Marxist reflections of a distressingly earnest teenager who subscribes to Adbusters; does the Starbucks bomber have an alibi? By Sunday evening, when I walked by, the speech bubble, which was stuck on with tape, had been mostly peeled off.


Our favorite Houston St. billboard remix remains the American Apparel "rape" graffito.

Earlier: "I Went Home, Grabbed Some Spraypaint, Took The Train Back And Waited Till 4 a.m. To Climb The Scaffolding."

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From the thumbnail, I thought for sure it was going to be something degrading and sexual, a la Perez Hilton.