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Vampire, Vamp Think Something Is Bloody Good Fun

Illustration for article titled Vampire, Vamp Think Something Is Bloody Good Fun

[New York, November 20. Image via INF]


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♥ dosido☮

Aw, RPattz! He is presh. I think he stays high as fuck to deal with all the crazed fangirl attention these days; his interviews are therefore brilliantly nutso and priceless. Also, the studio told him he is not allowed to cut his hair at all; it's in his contract. My bet is that he styles it like that just to say a bg UP YERS to the system.

I will now take the opportunity to direct y'all to Cleolinda's LJ page where you can read all about Twilight and laugh your ass off.

Seriously, go here now. You won't regret anything but the four hours you will spend there. You will weep with laughter, guaranteed. And you will leave slightly in love with RPattz.

(Also, typing the words HIGH AS FUCK reminded me of, well, "High as Fuck", best music video on the web!

Wow, I'm full of the funny today!

So I'll throw in the best subversion of the rap genre EVER EVER EVER. I present to you: "Show Me Your Genitals":

Always remember that women are good for just three things: cooking, cleaning, and vaginas! I am a little in love with Jon LaJoie.