Valet Identifies Actress As 'Fat' On Parking Ticket

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We've already gone into great detail about why you shouldn't trust a valet. People who usually take the job are young and too immature to get a job working in the stockroom of a Best Buy. Example? Calling a woman fat on a parking ticket she was clearly going to see.


It all went down in South Florida last week when actress Sharyn Peoples went to pick up her car from the valet. She looked down at the ticket and saw it said "play, red dress, and fat" clearly on the front.

"I was mortified," said Peoples.

This has somehow become a trend and an exceptionally stupid one at that because you're a valet. They hand you a ticket with a corresponding number. Why are you writing anything down?


LAZ parking (it's called fucking LAH-ZEE parking, an insult in itself) responded by telling her "It's only words and it's from some kid."

In a follow up email the company apologized and she was offered a gift card to a local restaurant — because they must assume she loves food — and free parking for a year.

Peoples says she wants the guy fired, which makes sense, and that she's devastated, which seems a tad overdramatic. It's a shitty thing to do but they apologized, tried to make it right, and you still managed to let the local media know.

UPDATE: As a commenter points out, there's a public weight loss profile for the woman where she claims to have lost her weight. Clearly, a sensitive issue for her.


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