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Vagisil Tries To Make Crotch Rot 'Sexy'

Feministing just posted this Vagisil ad for your viewing discomfort-slash-ridicule. It features waddling porcupines and skunks (representing "itch" and "odor" in a slightly more relevant use of wildlife than those bra ads with the bird's nests for tits) followed by attractive character actresses of varying ages saying things like "I feel flirty again" while donning sexy black stockings. Way to take a perfectly straightforward, utilitarian, need-based product and pretend it is somehow "aspirational", advertising industry! It's like that time you made the new Metamucil slogan "Drop Dead Gorgeous Guts" when clearly the only sensical tagline would be "Is the blood in your shits starting to freak you out?" We think there are better potential slogans for Vagisil. Along the lines of:

  • Sometimes it's Actually a Lot Better when Your Pussy Can't Feel Anything At All." Or
  • You Know How Your Crotch is the Densest Group of Nerve Endings on the Human Body? For When That's Not A Good Thing.
  • For the First Day of the Yeast Infection You Got Curing The Urinary Infection.
  • When You Think About Us, You Dab Yourself

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my favorite part of this video is how it segues seemlessly from the pickle commercial right before it.