Vaginas With Teeth Get The Tinseltown Treatment

Above is the trailer for Teeth, a horror/comedy about a girl who discovers that she has vagina dentatateeth in her taco! It first premiered at Sundance last January, where it gained lots of buzz and critical acclaim, and the film's star Jess Weixler won the Sundance Special Jury Prize for Acting. Reviews say Teeth is full of "raunchy sexuality and ridiculous gore, including a number of chopped off penises," which sounds right up our alley. And by "alley," we mean "vagina." Kidding! Anyway, it opens in NYC and L.A. November 30, with a wider release in mid-December.

Teeth Finally Being Released in November; Distribution Rights Sold [First Showing]

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Do you have to brush those teeth, or do you use that water pik thingy on Jez last week? Not to be gross, but I'm just sayin'...What would Tyra do?