Vagina Monoblogs: Dear Dana Vachon, Julia Wants To Bend Over That Fence And Get Plowed

Excuse!! Did that sound COARSE?? Even for us??? Uh, yeah, well, crapavision personality, erstwhile dating-or-something blogger and VORACIOUS, reader Julia Allison is not exactly subtle in the 92-word "review" of your zeitgeisty Wall Street book Mergers And Acquisitions:

There are three types of books in this world: those that make you want to befriend the author, those that make you want to slap the author, and those that make you want to fuck the author.

Mergers & Acquisitions is the last.

To which we can only add, there are three types of blogs in the world, and the only one you need to know about is the kind where the blogger gets slapped and called a dirty little bitch while being fucked from behind by some guy whose frat brothers are cutting his hair Alex P. Keaton style and getting "Dana Vachon, Provincial Man Of Mystery" business cards printed up at Kinko's as we speak.


P.S., frat guys of the world: we know where she hangs out!

Shortest Book Review Ever [Julia Allison]


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