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Vagina Monoblogs: Alyssa Shelasky Not Only A Bad Writer, She Also Has Bad Taste In Writing!

  • Alyssa Shelasky, to whom we will heretofore refer as Real Estate Mogul Alyssa Shelasky since she is no longer really a dating blogger since she does not actually ever blog about dating, excerpts this new book by the frigtards behind Collegehumor and she quotes her favorite lines:

    People will generally be happy with free booze and snacks, no matter how they taste. Unless you give them all food poisoning, then you're on your own.

    Fucking LOL!

    Redbook's blog alerts us to a new game that actually seems pretty fun called "Perv Artistry." Yeah, that's "Redook" and "Perv" in the same sentence.

  • About Last Night's Mel B., the Washington City Paper dating blogger who is not nearly mockable for us to read regularly, informs us that vending Machines in Japan sell panties worn by schoolgirls. We don't think this is at all weird, having worked in Asia in a cube alongside this writer, but it does sort of beg the question (yeah we're aware we're misusing that; by the way, fuck you) "how the fuck did anyone get those pervs to take their hands off their weiners long enough to, I dunno, rebuild in the wake of NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST?"

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