Vagina Insults Are The New "Ya Momma"

That's Amore — the spin-off of Shot at Love with Tila Tequila — premiered on Sunday, and we purposely avoided it. And that's really saying something, too, because our threshold for crap is about as high as our brow is low. But today, we happened upon a rerun, and the show is so much more disgusting than we even imagined. The hoes fighting for the love of Domenico — an Italian "Borat" — are not the lovable brand of strippers and porn stars on Rock of Love, but the type of girls who think they're better than strippers and porn stars, despite the fact that they try their damnedest to emulate them. What was especially barf-y is that their go-to zinger seems to be insulting the competition's vagina. Clip above.

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