James Dyson, the man who built a fortune on the bagless vacuum cleaner, now holds more English property with his name on the deed than Queen Elizabeth.

That's according to Newsweek, repeating a report from the Sunday Times. He just snapped up Lincolnshire's 3,000-acre Cranwell and Roxholme estate, bringing his portfolio to 25,000 acres. Dude says he just really loves farming: "I grew up in agricultural north Norfolk. As a schoolboy and college student I used to spend my holidays working on local farms harvesting potatoes, sprouts, parsley and blackcurrants," he told the Sunday Times. (Side note: the fuck is a blackcurrent?)

Now, this factoid is a bit misleading, because it only includes the Queen's personal, private holdings—i.e., her Sandringham estate. Most of the monarchy's holdings are actually part of the Crown Estate, which is more of a national trust type deal. (And in fact it's the Crown Estate that Dyson purchased the latest estate from.) So Bitsy can't fecklessly auction off parcels to pay her fancy-hats-and-corgi-breeding bills, but it's kinda hers. Plus it looks like they just counted property in England, which means they also omitted Balmoral, in Scotland. There's plenty of money to keep Prince George in designer baby duds, in other words. Nevertheless, one assumes that Sir James Dyson cackles to himself a just a little as he vacuums the magnificent Persian rugs that presumably grace his many stately homes. All this, built on the mighty bagless vacuum!

Anyway, in case they cancel Downton Abbey before it reaches its 25th season, you now know what happens to the Crawley estate. It's rock stars, entrepreneurs and oligarchs who get so many of those ancestral piles in the end.


Image via Getty.