Utah Judge Rescinds Order to Remove Baby from Lesbian Foster Parents

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Judge Scott Johansen has decided to rescind his ruling that would have removed a one-year-old foster child from the home of April Hoagland her spouse, Beckie Peirce. In the original court documents, Johansen cited “belief that research has shown that children are more emotionally and mentally stable when raised by a mother and father in the same home.” Johansen made changes to the order, scratching out the word “belief” and replacing it with “concern.”


A new court date is set for December 4, reports KUTV. The baby will be staying with Hoagland and Peirce in the interim. “The judicial system is getting it right. They made a mistake a couple days ago. Today they corrected that mistake,” said Jim Hunnicutt, an attorney for the parents. According to CNN legal analyst Paul Callan, the judge’s decision to rescind was an obvious reaction to the widespread criticism he received.

The family received an outpouring of support after news of the judge’s initial order had spread. Hillary Clinton had also tweeted words of encouragement for the couple, who were married last year and are raising Peirce’s two biological children. “It is heartwarming that we not only have the support of our community but it seems the entire nation,” Hoagland said.


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Dr. Mabuse

Good. I was livid when I read this story, as it’s proof that we still have a very long way to go when it comes to LGBT equality in this country. The fight did not end just because gay people are allowed to get married in all 50 states. This couple have provided this child with a stable home, the biological mother even wants them to adopt her, and they have the support of the community. Here’s hoping that they get to keep her for good.