'Us Weekly' Takes Obsession With Angelina's Outfits All The Way To The Checkout Counter

Great minds think alike? One day after we ran our gallery of Angelina Jolie's back-to-school style, Us Weekly hits newsstands with a two-page spread on the exact same thing. But the magazine took their version one step further: its editors actually determined not only the designers but the prices of all of Angelina's outfits ($7,206 total), which, we hear, is kind of all the rage these days! In fact, according to Fashionista, young women nowadays are comparing the cost of their outfits with that of their friends. After the jump, the Us Weekly spread, plus, the Jezebels compare their not-so-elegant "outfits".


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Anna: T-shirt from late '80s/high school era: $0; sweatpants from Danskin, bought in 2001: $40, American Apparel boy-short underwear: $12; American Apparel camisole with built-in "bra": $30. Total: $82.
Dodai: T-shirt, old navy, $12.50; underwear, American Eagle, $7.50; bra, wWacoal, $62; Rolex - inherited; no pants; no jewelry. (This is a tragic day.) Total: $82
Tracie: Jeans: $200; top: $80; Chucks: $40; Earrings: $2. Total: $322.
Moe: Jeans - $100 or something on some sale; dress over jeans was left at my house by a houseguest. No accessories or shoes duh. Total: Approx. $100
Jennifer: Black camisole that got as birthday gift, $0; gray thermal American Apparel hot shorts, $14; neon orange PINK by Victoria's secret cropped sweats that got in swag bag at Victoria's Secret show last year: $0. Total: $14

Tracie wins! Followed by "I own one bag" Moe.

How Much Money Are You Wearing Today? [Fashionista]
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