Us Weekly Editor On Choosing The Mariah Cover Shot: "She Looks Great, But Not…Skanky."

Nightline went behind the scenes at Us to show how the celebrity weekly works. Editor-in-Chief Janice Min, despite encouraging the ever-expanding ego of the beast they call Speidi, comes off as a totally reasonable person. She tells the interviewer that when her female readers are challenged by their husbands about reading Us, they should ask, why do you watch sports? "What does it matter to you? It's men chasing a ball around a field," Min says. "It's of zero consequence to you." Ha! The feature also touches on the meaning of "celebrity news" and whether or not celebrities really want such intimate coverage. In the clip above, Min and company discuss all these things, along with the Mariah Carey weight loss cover which was chosen for its perfect ratio of skin to skank.


Us Weekly Editor: 'I Care' About Celebrity News [ABCNews]


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