Urban Outfitters Incites the Wrath of Mothers with New Back-to-School Drinking Shirts

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Urban Outfitters is pissing off more beleaguered parents with a line of girls' t-shirts that feature pithy drinking slogans such as "I Vote for Vodka" (which obviously has some Communist overtones, but let's just ignore that for right now), "I Drink You're Cute" and the faithfully cringe-inducing "Misery Loves Alcohol." According to the Daily News, the group Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is seriously not cool with Urban's newest back-to-school apparel, and are pointing out that such overpriced cotton blends are not appropriate for wearers under the age of 21. Anyone over 21 should take a hard look in the mirror and reevaluate their fashion choices because these shirts are stupid and probably everyone except for the seven people who purchase them think so.


Jan Withers, president of MADD, says that the shirts are "sending the message that it's cool to drink," which is, of course, debatable. Plenty of super-cool people like James Bond and Carla Bruni drink, but, then again, David Hasselhoff drinks in probably the least cool way possible. As you can see from this exhaustive list, the coolness of drinking is entirely subjective, but one thing that's definitely not cool is wearing a shirt that announces to the world that you too will be enjoying the fermented plant matter that has paradoxically civilized and infantilized people throughout the course of human history.

Urban Outfitters booze-themed tops slammed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving [NYDN]

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All I can think of when I hear about (and drink) vodka is Yvgeny Mirminsky from "Delocated."

Also, I still find it laughable that Urban Outfitters's CEO is super-conservative and has actually donated to Rick Santorum in the past, yet promotes counter-culturalism.