Urban Outfitters Bloggers Hang Out With People Who, Like, Make Their Babydoll Dresses Or Something

In theory, our only beef with retail chains having bloggers is that Abercrombie & Fitch doesn't have one whose ex-boyfriend he can IM about how it might have worked out if he weren't so overt about his gayness. Anyway, Urban Outfitters spawn brand Free People, like American Apparel before it, has a blog. And guess what! Like American Apparel it blogs about hanging out with its factory workers! Today's post introduces us to Kit Yee, who "works for one of the factories we work with" in Hong Kong and just paid a visit to the Urban Outfitters corporate campus in Philadelphia:

She saw a lot of Philadelphia during her stay, including a visit to Franklin Fountain on Market St. She loved the egg cream!


How cute! But why do we have an inkling most people working full-time at the world's leading hotbed of hipsterexia would never actually themselves go to Franklin Fountain? Maybe because we, um, just know.

Also, um, there really aren't any factories in Hong Kong, so we're thinking Kit maybe works in "sourcing" or "development design" and is not actually a factory worker. Sayin'.

Kit Yee [Free People Blog]

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