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#Urahoe: More Proof Of The Stupidity Of Twitter Trending Topics

Illustration for article titled #Urahoe: More Proof Of The Stupidity Of Twitter Trending Topics

Thanks Twitter, for bringing us first #liesgirlstell, and now trending topic #urahoe, in which users list ways to determine if a woman is a "hoe."

Here are some gems:

SmackurFavRappa: #urahoe if u have known me less than 7 days & u already want it

Because someone who is attracted to you and want to have sex with you must be a "hoe." Nice girls are reluctant and require extensive convincing.


jCOOP30331 #urahoe if u wear them stretchy pants where u can clearly see ass cheek division and camel foot in front!


Ah yes, the time-honored wisdom that you can determine a woman's sexual proclivities by the way she dresses. So useful in rape trials.

hoecop #urahoe if plan B is really plan A

This is where #urahoe and the Christian right intersect. If Plan B is readily available, women will use it for regular birth control. And become hoes.

womanmarine206 #urahoe when ur phone never stops ringing and u no everyone

Popularity now = hoeness.

EllieLuvVP #urahoe if you have sex on ur period

This one reveals to anyone who still doubted that perceptions of female promiscuity and ideas of ritual purity are linked.

sartastic #urahoe If you're a guy and having an affair with a cougar.

Here's a stereotype we didn't know existed! Apparently guys who have sex with older women are hoes now. Sorry @aplusk.


But this one is the best:

PeteOMalley #urahoe if you are an agricultural tool used to agitate the surface of the soil around plants to remove weeds


As we believe a commenter pointed out last week, ho as in "skanky slutty woman" as in "the kind of woman who would have sex on her period, take phone calls, wear stretchy pants, and use emergency contraception," should really be spelled without an e. A "hoe" is a gardening implement, and we appreciate PeteOMalley's helpful tip for determining if we fit the bill.

#urahoe [Twitter]

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Erin Gloria Ryan

If you are a filthy, sinful slut, you're a ho.

If you're made of chocolate, filled with cream, and delicious, you are a ho ho.

If you are a specific type of laughter and were just emitted by a man in red with a white beard, you're a ho ho ho.