Upper East Siders Love Crotch, Hate "Vulva"

After testing out Vulva, the fragrance that's supposed to smell like a vagina (but really just smells like a non-gender-specific sweaty crotch) on gay men in NYC's Chelsea, we were curious as to what posh types on Manhattan's Upper East Side would think of the scent. This time, we asked participants to compare Vulva to Tom Ford's Black Orchid, the perfume reported to be inspired by the scent of a man's crotch (but really smells like flowery old ladies). On Saturday videographer Alex Goldberg and Jezegay Ryan Creed made the trek up to the expensive-shit shopping district of Madison Avenue, where we were mostly snootily ignored by the ladies who lunch. However we did find some good sports willing to take a whiff, first of Black Orchid, then of Vulva. Clip above.


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@Skinny Bone Jones: I did too!

What's with the old lady's outfit at the end? Total case of mutton dressed as lamb.

Take that Vulva perfume to a mall and see what happens, please!