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Up Close and Jason Russell

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Here's that close-up video of Jason Russell parading around San Diego in the nude you probably could have done without. But look how great the weather was! It really seems like it was the perfect day for a naked promenade. TMZ claims that Russell "can be heard ranting to himself, dropping F-bombs, clapping to no one in particular, and shouting about the devil," though I only really heard clapping and one of the people behind the camera saying, "They're going to tackle him for this shit." They, I assume, meaning the police, though who knows? Maybe the San Diego Chargers have organized some sort of neighborhood watch intiative, going around on foot patrols to make sure citizens are keeping in-line and not, as it happens in Jason Russell's case, waving their genitals at passersby. Oh, and it doesn't look like Russell's wearing that alleged Speedo, unless TMZ's being especially crafty or it's made out of that new invisible material the FCC is so worried about.

Up Close and Jason Russell
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New Jason Russell: The Naked Meltdown From Up Close [TMZ]

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The man is ill. Can we leave him alone now?