Unretouched Cover Photos Wanted: $10,000 Reward

Illustration for article titled Unretouched Cover Photos Wanted: $10,000 Reward

One of the things about the women's magazine industry that riles us up the most is that the images they feature bear little semblance to reality. This is especially true with regards to the covers, which, as we point out in our manifesto, are essentially female forgeries, what with all the computer-artistry involving airbrushing, contouring, and, sometimes, outright body-part swapping. But calling out magazine editors for their deception is one thing; showing it is another. That's why, as part of our effort to illustrate the magic (and magical thinking!) that goes into the production of the magazines we all love to hate, we're offering $10K to whomever wins our contest for the best un-retouched (that means unaltered in any way!) image to appear on a women's magazine cover in the past two years. As always, we promise your identity will remain anonymous... whether you win or lose. Send your submissions to tips@jezebel.com (standard Gawker Media contest rules apply). And may the best (er, most natural-looking) woman win!



this seems like a really great way to get fired from your position as a retoucher. and/or sued. considering the fact that to enter this contest means violating non-disclosure contracts and other written/verbal confidentiality agreements, not to mention your reputation as a discreet professional, 10k sounds like a paltry sum.

not to be a stormcloud or anything; i'm just sayin'.