University of Iowa Becomes First Public U.S. College to Include Questions About Sexual Orientation on Its Admissions Forms

Though the California school system considered doing it earlier this year, the University of Iowa has in fact become the first public university to start asking incoming-freshmen about their sexual orientation. University officials say that the optional questions about sexual orientation were included on admissions applications this fall, and hope that including such questions will help the school build adequate support services for the on-campus LGBTQ community.


Last year, Elmhurst College, a private school also located in the vast, earth-toned stretches of frostbitten earth we euphemistically call "the Midwest," became the very first U.S. college to ask incoming students about their sexual orientation. The University of Iowa, of course, offers a higher-profile example of a school making a significant effort to be more mindful of its LGBTQ students.

University of Iowa first to ask incoming students about sexual orientation [Christian Science Monitor]

Image via Kate Connes/Shutterstock.

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