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One of the Big 6 Hollywood studios has optioned a comedy focusing on women in the workplace and written by Laura Solon.


Universal along with Bluegrass Films optioned Solon's spec script for the comedy Work It, according to Deadline. Details of the plot are being kept tight but it looks like the studio does plan to retitle the film.

The reason for that name change may be because Work It was actually the title of a particularly horrible workplace-based sitcom about two men who have to dress up as women to keep their jobs because of the economy. Don't ask me any more about that. (Seriously, do not start the trip down the rabbit hole on this one. It will destroy your brain.)


Solon is a British sketch comedy writer who has written for and performed on shows for the BBC. She recently did some writing for Hot in Cleveland, which seems like the kind of show I would really like but I never seem to get around to watching. She is also working on a show about a nanny for ABC which "centers on an uncompromising blue-collar nanny who finds the biggest challenge of caring for an 8-year-old boy is living with his self-assured bachelor dad," according to Deadline. Looks like #hirethesewomen is having quite a moment!

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