Illustration for article titled Universal Hollywoods Harry Potter Ride Causes Unusual Amount of Barfing

A Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios Hollywood that’s expected to open in two months is facing a setback because it makes people puke like crazy.


So far, employees who’ve taken a spin on the ride—which TMZ says “takes thrill seekers on a 3D broom ride through Hogwarts Castle and other iconic locations from the book”—have ended up puking.

There’s already a Wizarding World of Harry Potter ’coaster at the park in Orlando, but for some reason this Hollywood rehash is a barf magnet.


Engineers are currently looking into it. This is why rollercoasters shouldn’t be legal.

Here’s how the ride in Orlando looks. (Kind of barfy!)

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Image via Universal Studio

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It causes an “unusual” amount of barfing.

Is there a metric that measures an acceptable level of barfing on a ride?