United Is Tired of Y'all Complaining About Them Accidentally Shipping Your Dogs to Japan or Whatever

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Photo via Getty Images

America’s most beloved airline is fed the fuck up. After a week of pet-related controversy, United Airlines is temporarily suspending their PetSafe program which allows customers to pay to have their pets shipped as cargo.


In a statement to Inc, the airliner said, “We are conducting a thorough and systematic review of our program for pets that travel in the cargo compartment to make improvements that will ensure the best possible experience for our customers and their pets.”

In other words, they really don’t want to piss off any pet owners for a lil’ bit.

Any experience would be better than the ones that have occurred with the airliner in the last week. On March 12, a French bulldog died after a United Airlines flight attended insisted that its owner stow him in an overhead bin for the duration of the three hour flight. On March 13, a couple discovered that their German Shepherd, who was booked via the flight’s pet cargo program, didn’t arrive with them in Kansas City: In its place was a Great Dane. The Great Dane’s owner was headed to Tokyo, but it was the German Shepard that was Tokyo bound instead. The switcharoo was resolved, but another mix up happened a couple of days later. On March 15, a United flight from Newark, New Jersey to St. Louis was diverted to Akron, Ohio after the airliner realized that they loaded a dog onto the wrong plane.

PetSafe is set to resume on May 1, presumably after they figure out how to stop accidentally sending dogs to the other side of the world or, er, killing them. That said, out of the 24 pets that died aboard American carriers last year, 18 died in United’s PetSafe program. Soooooo!

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Cherith Cutestory

I’s be pretty thrilled to get a free Great Dane tho.