Unintelligent Male Attacks Sandra Fluke on Twitter, Wants His Name Magically Scrubbed From Google

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It's so fun when someone has enough knowledge of technology to get themselves in trouble but not enough to realize that whatever they say online can and will be used against them in the court of public opinion. A tipster alerted us to a pretty amazing spat that TBogg is having with a man named George Tierney Jr from South Carolina. It began when George tweeted a nasty response to one of Sandra Fluke's tweets about some pro-woman legislation. He said, "@SandraFluke, when are you gonna shut that god damn dick sucker?" Aww, 2SWEET4WORDS. Sandra naturally took the highest of all the possible roads and replied so that her 36,000 followers could see,

.@geotie2323 When no one thinks saying something like that to a woman is acceptable. The sooner u change, the sooner I can stop fighting.


TBoggs featured this little exchange, and somehow George Tierney figured out how to harness the powers of the Google and happened upon it. Guess what? He wasn't too happy with what he found. He apparently was not aware that when Sandra replied to him all of her followers were tipped off to his idiocy, and he also seems not to understand that when you say something on Twitter—which is the very definition of a public forum—anyone can quote you. So he wrote this lovely note to TBoggs regarding the post that mocked him:

Whoever runs this site needs to take my damn comments off of it. I did not give you permission, nor did you ask me for it. It shows up on google and I will see a lawyer if this doesnt disappear. Ask me before posting bullshit about me. You fuckers had no right.


George Tierney Jr

Whoa, George Tierney Jr. Deep breaths. Just give that lawyer a call and he or she will give you a quick tutorial about how the internet works. Oh wait, maybe there is no lawyer... You see, when they responded to George asking him to have his lawyer contact them to verify his identity, as per site policy, he snapped back with this:

You dont get to make the rules. I am the george tierney that made the comments to sandra fluke, not to you..take it off google. If it goes to a lawyer, it will be settled in court, with me getting paid.


George Tierney Jr

Here's the thing, George: Thanks to the strange powers of the World Wide Web, we are all Sandra Fluke. So whatever you say to her, you say to us.

And, funnily enough, it looks like he still has plenty to say. Yesterday he called her a "dumb ass cunt," and then in response to all the hate he's been getting he went ahead and tweeted his email address:

all you stupid fucks, im george tierneyjr, leave my dad alone as he has nothing to do with my views. im at geotie2323@yahoo.com. FUCKERS

HA. Good luck getting that one scrubbed from Google.



Internet Man Does Not Want To Be On The Google Anymore [TBogg]





I used to run internship programs for high school and college students. My colleague and I did not make a habit of Googling people before we hired them but, for funsies, we would spend an afternoon AFTER we hired people (we hired in "classes," so groups of interns would be trained and work together) looking them up online. And oh the things we could find.

During their training, we would mention, getting only specific enough so that they knew we weren't kidding, that we had Googled everyone and found something on everyone: FB pages, blogs, Twitter accounts, Amazon reviews, YouTube videos, things they had said to a college newspaper, etc. We told them that it is common practice among employers to do the same, so maintaining a respectable (or at least furtive) online identity was important because the internet is forever and international. Obviously, their online antics were not such that it prevented us from hiring them or anything, but they should just bear in mind that the internet counts. We actually did a step-by-step on how to keep your profile private on FB. Better to hear all this from us, we told them, in a learning environment, than to find out they didn't get a job because someone hiring them thought their blog was crass.

Most kids/students took this in stride, blushed a little, and learned something from it. Some kids got really, really pissed. One girl informed me, enraged, that what I did was a breach of privacy. Heh. She was a pleasure to work with that semester.