Uniboob Woman Tried To Kill Herself After World's Worst Plastic Surgery

Can you imagine going under the knife for a new set of boobs and waking up to the sight of your chest, now one solitary conjoined breast? Welcome to Dinora Rodriguez's nightmare. A 40-year-old stay-at-home mom, Rodriguez had her first round of breast implants in 1998. She was very happy with her first procedure "because they looked exactly the way they looked before I had my kids," and given the success, decided to go have them repaired over ten years later.


We've heard about what happened in her second surgery, and it's a story so awful it fits right in with the rest of the classic Halloween tales: Rodriguez awoke with not only conjoined breasts, but her eyes had been operated on without her permission. Since the botched surgery, she has been unable to fully close her eyes and there's the whole "uniboob" problem. How the hell did it happen? In a normal procedure, there are two pockets created under the muscle behind the breast — one for each boob — but in Rodriguez's case, her doctor only created one pocket. Thus, uniboob. Having conjoined breasts took a heavy toll on Dinora, which she spoke to Good Morning America about today:

"I just felt like I was ruined. I felt like I couldn't handle the pain anymore, I was going crazy. My kids suffered a lot [be]cause they had to stay up all night taking care of me. They got so tired… [My depression got] so bad that there was a time when I tried to suicide myself ... because I couldn't take the pain."

She says that she felt like a burden not only to her children, but that her marriage almost ended over the surgery. Worse, the woman who performed Dinora's surgery still suggests the surgery went well: that she did create the two pockets and that Rodriguez' muscle tissue was too weak due to her surgery in 1998. She has since found a new doctor — whose reaction, by the way, was, "Wow, this is terrible" — who has fixed her breasts. The lesson here? Do your homework when choosing a plastic surgeon. Because if we've learned anything from this awful story, it's that nobody wants a uniboob.

Horrible Surgeon Gives Woman a Uniboob



Right, so, my husband is a surgery resident right now and the hospital he's working at has this thing called "TIME OUT!" that sounded ridiculous to me at first, but now that I know how many disasters it has averted, really needs to be implimented everywhere.

After a patient is prepped but before any cuts have been made, the doctor leading the sugery calls "TIME OUT!" and everyone attending looks over the patient's chart and confirms the details of the surgery.

Already, the husband has seen the wrong side of a head shaved and prepped for brain surgery and a similar plastic surgery mix-up (one patient, in the next room, was getting multiple procedures and another was getting a single procedure). Scariest part? He's only 6 months into his residency!