Unhinged Madman Randall Terry Has A Special Message for Our Readers

Randall Terry of anti-abortion extremist group Operation Rescue is running for President on the Democratic ticket, and during last week's Oklahoma primary, he actually defeated Barack Obama in a dozen or so counties. And he demands acknowledgment from each and every one of you, readers of this website. Look into his crazy eyes!


Terry seems to believe that he's on the road the the White House based on a single delegate won in the state of Oklahoma, a state that hasn't given its general election delegates to a Democratic candidate since the 1960's. He also seems to believe that people voted for him because he's bravely standing against allowing women to decide what happens inside their own bodies rather than voter disappointment with Obama after he refused to sign off on the Keystone XL pipeline, a project that could have made many Oklahomans slightly richer. But whatever. The vast, breathtaking derangement of Randall Terry knows no bounds.

I'm not sure who didn't hug Randall Terry enough during his childhood, but demanding Slate, Right Wing Watch, and Jezebel acknowledge him by releaseing a creepy Wrestlemania meets serial killer monologue speech probably isn't the best way to espouse a wider base of support among American progressives (especially since we already acknowledged his crazy ass and his single precious golden delegate, like, the day after the primary). But what do I know? I'm not a guy who has spent the better part of the last couple of decades staring at pictures of dismembered fetuses and shouting incoherently.

Anyway, would this guy make a great President or what?! Can't wait for his State of the Union, where he will personally promise America's children that unless they clean their rooms, he will haunt their fucking nightmares. He's imagining you crying right now, America.

Randall Terry Demands we Acknowledge his Oklahoma 'Victory' [Right Wing Watch]



am I the only one who thought of The Monarch while watching this? [www.youtube.com] #teamventure