Unfashionably Lame

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Doron Braunshtein has a kicky little boutique called Apollo Braun (also his non de plume) on the Lower East Side of NYC, where he sells a bunch of crap like this T-shirt (only $30!) in the name of Fashion. He also sells an "Obama Is My Slave" T-shirt that got Nathanaeli Nassimi's ass kicked last week (she's now suing Mr. Braunshtein). We should probably feel sorry for Nassimi's pain and suffering but we don't. This stuff is neither hip, fashionable, or cheeky. It's just crap. [Apollo Braun, The Steel Closet]



Oh, but you've done a service now by putting his picture on the Intarwebs! Because now we know what he looks like, so the next person who seems him on the street can kick his ass.

Also, it took me four attempts at spelling "internet" before I gave up and wrote "Intarwebs." What that says about me, and potentially my generation... I don't know.