Unemployed People Rushing to Get Shitty Tattoos Removed

It may be a slow job market, but there's one sector that's booming: Tattoo removal. ABC News reports:

According to The Patient's Guide, a website comprised of 25 niche publications dedicated to skin care, laser tattoo removal has increased 32 percent over the past year, with many citing employment as a main reason for the treatment.


Dr. Jen Mundt of Delete Tattoo Removal in Phoenix tells ABC that for recent college graduates looking for a job and people who have lost jobs and are attempting to get back into the workforce, tattoo removal offers an edge. But going by the examples in the video package, the tattoos in question seem to be completely shitastic. We're not talking about well-thought-out works of art, we're talking about crappily designed, terribly located, objectively ugly tattoos. Which, you know, could be a good idea, regardless of employment status. Just don't expect it to be fun. At all.

Unemployed People Rushing to Get Shitty Tattoos Removed
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[ABC News]

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