Undo-plasty, The New Hot Surge

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According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, "revision plastic surgery" — in which a procedure is revised or reversed — makes up 50% of some doctors' practices. Women who drop thousands on a nose job often find they don't like the results and go in search of more surgery. The name this phenomenon is going by? Undo-plasty. We're not talking incredibly shrinking cartilage, à la Michael Jackson — think Courtney Love, who wrote she wanted to go back to "the mouth God gave me." Just something for dudes to keep in mind, since pectoral implant surgery has had a 99% increase. That's right, dudes are getting man boobs in record numbers.


Unfortunately, the Archives of Surgery is reporting that infection at the site of incision happens to one in 20 patients — male or female — who undergo breast surgery, so guys enjoying their new tits had better watch out because infection leads to higher hospital costs. As for undo-plasty, costs vary but patients seem to gain a sense of contentment afterward. The Tribune interviewed 40-year-old Deborah Dunn, who got a nose job to fix a bump from a childhood injury. Post-procedure, "Every time I saw myself, I wanted to punch myself in the nose to make it all go away," she says. Doctors have reconstructed her nose to be more like the old one and Dunn admits, "I feel like I have myself back." But seriously, there is no ⌘-Z in life: Isn't the ultimate undo-plasty not to go under the knife in the first place?

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When you have plastic surgery because there is legitimately something that needs to be corrected or causes you serious self-esteem issues, go ahead. Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of people just get work done because they just don't like themselves in general and want to fix something. When they realize that changing their nose didn't change how they felt, they just go back and try again.