Undesirable, Unfunny Bro Shows You How to 'Pick Up Grandmas'

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the beginning of the end. America, a once great nation (arguable), has descended into complete depravity — and it's all thanks to some jackass junior bro "comedians" (read: idiots with a camera phone and a hard-on for their own shit jokes).


In the above video, we witness some dumb bro wearing a mask he thinks makes him look like an old guy (but actually made him look like Michael Myers) make passes at older ladies. It's so fucking stupid and gross — and if he did this to my grandmother, I don't know what I would do. But I'm pretty sure it begins with a bag of dog shit and a lighter and ends with me getting him fired from every shitty job he's ever worked.

The entitlement of this creepy prick is beyond — when one woman tells him to go away several times, he just keeps harassing her. It's an attempt at humor, but it fails miserably, and it's incredibly uncomfortable. To think that there's some young bro in there laughing to himself as he verbally assaults a woman with his jackass jokes is just depressing. To know that it was also filmed? Horrible. Puke. Everything bad.


And worst of all? It's not even funny. What's next? I can't wait for these dummies to put on a sumo wrestler costume on and hit on some fat chicks. LOLOLOLOL. When that happens — and it will, it's not like these dudes are spending their time getting laid/doing something productive/being comfortable in their own bodies — please know they stole the idea from me because no way did they come up with that on their own.

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I'd like to see what would happen if he tried to make a pass at MY grandmother. She's 78 years old, has 3 masters degrees, is still a master scuba diver, does yoga and pilates, and could burn off your eyebrows with her quick wit. Dudebros are the worst.