Undereye Circles Should Equal Sexy, Not Sleep Deprivation

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One of the new frontiers of plastic surgery is the undereye region. According to an article in the New York Times style section, doctors have recently discovered that a round of Restylane injections, which cost $500 to $800 but only last 6 months, is the only real way to get rid of undereye darkness, which is largely "a combination of heredity and genetics." As our Sephora Spy, Jasmine told us a few months ago, all those creams and potions that claim to erase what your momma's genetics gave ya are a complete waste of money. As the lovely Jasmine said, "Too much undereye shit going on tends to make people's otherwise good makeup jobs look like they're going to a newscaster audition." Also, I have two words for you: Sophia Loren. Pictured at left, with no gunks of concealer marring her sexy visage, Loren looks gorgeous and sultry. I think Loren should be the poster-woman for the pro-circle campaign that I'm starting.


First of all, the anti-circle propaganda we hear (they make you look tired! and old!) could be subtly racist, as the undereye circle is particularly prevalent among "African-Americans, Southeast Asians and Southern Italians," the Times points out. The race thing might be an exaggeration, but what's true is that when one covers up their undereye circles, they take away a certain depth and dimension to their faces. When you whitewash that depth, you also potentially whitewash the sexy. [Benicio Del Toro has them, and he is hot! I have 'em, too, and I never wear concealer. — Dodai]

Like Sadie I am a fan of neologisms, and I think part of the under eye circle's problem is public relations. Under eye circle just sounds so…unappealing. How about "vamp ring"? Perhaps "glamor crescent"? Or even "lover's shadow"! Sadie suggests "ombre d'amour." It's like a French perfume from the 20s! Sophia's ombre d'amour is ever so appealing. Fuck it. We should probably just name it after Miss Loren herself. Ladies of the world: unite with your Lorens flashing!

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Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Anna Magnani:


One of the greatest actresses that ever lived, and the proud owner of a great pair of... ombres d'àmour. Yeah, that does work.