Underachieving Layabout Chris Colfer Has Written and Starred In His Own Movie

Jesus, Chris Colfer! I know that you star on a popular TV show, are a novelist, inspire open mindedness in our nation's youth and have now written and acted in your own movie, but can you please, for once, get off your ass and be productive for a change? Sure, some people would consider Struck By Lightning — a film you wrote before you could legally order a drink — to be a bit of an accomplishment, especially when the cast includes the likes of Allison Janney, Christina Hendricks and Rebel Wilson, but we all know you could be doing much more. Please take the time that the rest of us are using to watch your new movie's trailer to think about cutting the lazybones act. You have so much potential and it's a shame to see it all go to waste.

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I'm sorry to be a the squeaky wheel, but Jezebel has GOT to get better about timely reporting. This movie first screened for the public in NYC at the Tribeca festival 6 months ago, and it was first announced 18 months ago, which is by press standards is archaic.

I'm always glad to see a piece of news on here that isn't 99% editorial, but please pay attention to the history of the news you report. Especially since this website imo severely lacks viable arts news reporting. That you are reporting this half a year after the fact makes Jezebel look poorly-run.