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Under The Covers: Why Is 'Marie Claire''s Joanna Coles Bringing A Hair Dryer To The Fashion Shows?

This morning, we hungrily devoured the brand-new episode of "The Masthead With Marie Claire" (featuring a cameo appearance by Joss Stone) and, as always, we've got some initial impressions and burning questions.

First Impressions:
Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles: Sharp, stylish, well-prepared (that hair dryer!) and probably terrifying in person.
Executive Editor Lucy Kaylin: Sexy as hell.
Joyce Caruso Corrigan, Editor-At-Large: Too much Botox.
Genevieve Nonsma, Deputy Beauty Director: Typical beauty editor! Pretty, icy, totally unfazed by shameless plugging of Sunsilk hair care products.


Burning Questions:
Did Entertainment Editor Dana Stern want to laugh or cry when Joanna asked her about stints in rehab?
Who was the picky celebrity who hated all 50 dresses the magazine brought to a cover shoot? Is she the same "ballsy" actress Joanna refuses to put on the cover again?
Did Joanna actually take that enormous hair-dryer with her into a fashion show?

Are we on the mark? Do you have the answers? As always, drop us a line and let us know what's right and what's left.


Episode 8: The Masthead With Marie Claire [YouTube]

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