Unchill Instagram Won't Let the Game's Eggplant Live

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Three weeks ago, The Game posted a photo of decorative towels on Instagram that changed the course of history. Instagram is now reportedly looking to take down the post for violation of its...what, decorative towel policy???? Come on.


Have the prudes at Instagram never owned a set of embroidered towels??? As of now, the pic is still up. But according to TMZ (and confirmed by The Game), Instagram has been in touch with Game about removing the photo, which a number of people have, for whatever reason, been flagging.

What else should one expect of Instagram—the same people who cancelled Eggplant Friday, keep removing Chelsea Handler’s topless IG photos and try to silence Free the Nipple.

It’s important that this photo stays up, though. I’ve reached out to the press department at Instagram to get to the bottom of it.

Because their time would be better spent going after people like Usher for this lousy veiny excuse for an eggplant photo.


UPDATE: A spokesperson for Instagram responded in an email, “While we can’t comment on specific accounts, we only review posts after they are reported to us from our community. Once reported, we evaluate a post per our community guidelines and take appropriate action.”


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FKA Squash

Those towels are perfectly hung.

I'll see myself out now. 😂