Uma's Stalker Found Guilty • Weatherman Wants "Stick" Licked

Uma Thurman's stalker found guilty of stalking and being creepy. • Weather Channel anchor man wanted female co-anchor to allegedly "lick [his] swizzle stick." • Ecuadorian dudes who suck in bed protest women's orgasm education amendment. • Homeless mom is arrested after toddler drinks GHB at a house they both visited. • Miss Great Britain runs for Parliament, vows to put "beauty back into politics." • Japanese make "sweet, milky" pudding in super fun breast shapes! • Gals with long stems are less likely to develop dementia/Alzheimer's. • Woman gets evicted for 10-foot-tall weeds in her backyard. • Women are better managers in most areas than men. • The "Robbins" of Baskin-Robbins died. • Oh the horrors of women driving alone! Thank God for Polygas? • Serena Williams wins 16th consecutive match. • White Sox managers didn't realize inflatable female nude dolls would be inappropriate in the clubhouse. • NOOOO! Flats are bad for feet! • Biofuel plantations will evict female subsistence farmers in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.


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