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Uma's Stalker Found Guilty • Weatherman Wants "Stick" Licked

Illustration for article titled Umas Stalker Found Guilty • Weatherman Wants Stick Licked

Uma Thurman's stalker found guilty of stalking and being creepy. • Weather Channel anchor man wanted female co-anchor to allegedly "lick [his] swizzle stick." • Ecuadorian dudes who suck in bed protest women's orgasm education amendment. • Homeless mom is arrested after toddler drinks GHB at a house they both visited. • Miss Great Britain runs for Parliament, vows to put "beauty back into politics." • Japanese make "sweet, milky" pudding in super fun breast shapes! • Gals with long stems are less likely to develop dementia/Alzheimer's. • Woman gets evicted for 10-foot-tall weeds in her backyard. • Women are better managers in most areas than men. • The "Robbins" of Baskin-Robbins died. • Oh the horrors of women driving alone! Thank God for Polygas? • Serena Williams wins 16th consecutive match. • White Sox managers didn't realize inflatable female nude dolls would be inappropriate in the clubhouse. • NOOOO! Flats are bad for feet! • Biofuel plantations will evict female subsistence farmers in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.


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Nurses shoes, yeah.

Basically, an ugly flat with a sole as supportive as a sneaker is the ideal shoe for your feet. It is what I wear when I really have to be on my feet.

Or you can meet it halfway and wear heels or flats made from EVA with rubber soles (some are even bendy) - any labeled "comfort". A very slight wedge, like 1", makes you look neater and it can still be comfortable.


No, but they'll hurt your shoulders. Remember that Simon Doonan story and his carpal tunnel or whatevs from his man bag? Yeah.