It’s too easy, but, “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

In an interview with The Sunday Times Magazine, Kit Harington hung himself out to dry with some comments on sexism in the TV and film industry, and how it is something experienced by poor males as well. After reading his comments, I think what he is actually describing is feeling objectified, which certainly isn’t a phenomenon belonging to a single gender:

I think there is a double standard. If you said to a girl, ‘Do you like being called a babe?’ and she said, ‘No, not really,’ she’d be absolutely right.

I like to think of myself as more than a head of hair or a set of looks. It’s demeaning. Yes, in some ways you could argue I’ve been employed for a look I have. But there’s a sexism that happens towards men. There’s definitely a sexism in our industry that happens towards women, and there is towards men as well...

At some points during photoshoots when I’m asked to strip down, I felt that. If I felt I was being employed just for my looks, I’d stop acting.


I’d definitely be disappointed if Kit Harington quit acting and Jon Snow died a second time. I’d also be disappointed if I never saw him without his shirt again. Sigh. Sexism hurts us all: both male and female actors, and also the overwhelmingly white male producers, directors, and writers on the other side of the camera.

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