Ukrainian Model Has Supposedly Barbified Herself Through Plastic Surgery

I want to tentatively promise — tentatively because no doubt some of you could have already perused some weird internet stuff this morning — that this video, if you haven't jumped the gun and watched it already, might be the weirdest thing you see all day. It chronicles, using gloriously bizarre Sims animation, the many supposed surgeries that 21-year-old Ukrainian model, musician, and astroplanner Valeria Lukyanova has undergone to turn herself into a living, breathing Barbie. Lukyanova has described herself as "the most famous Russian woman on the Russian-speaking internet," and though some have pointed out the possibility that Lukyanova's self-portraits might be heavily photoshopped, this much is certain: Sims avatars are the stuff of nightmares.


Valeria Lukyanova: Ukraine model real-life Barbie [NMA TV]



Here's a site with more photos, which look a little bit less 'shopped than the ones in the NMA video. []

As for whether she's had a bunch of surgery, that kind of heart-shaped face with big eyes is not uncommon in Ukraine and Russia - there's a reason there was a big run on Eastern European models after the Iron Curtain fell.

Other than her figure (do people actually have ribs taken out or is that an urban legend), she looks like a lot of women in their 20s in that part of the world, I think.