​Ukraine Fashion Week Forges on in Midst of Political Crisis

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Despite the ongoing crisis between Ukraine and Russia, the 34th biannual Ukraine Fashion week is carrying on as planned—it kicked off last Friday and will continue until March 19. The event will cover over 70 different designers, although the turnout is expected to be lower given the political climate. A couple of designers were forced to withdraw because of the clashes, and the more glamorous celebrity-laden parties were taken off the schedule, but Ukraine Fashion Week co-founder and organizer Iryna Danylevska stands by her decision to hold the event:

"We thought of postponing Ukrainian Fashion Week but when the Crimea situation began we knew we had to do it now…We need to show the outside world that we're unbroken and that we're strong."


Some designers have taken inspiration from the wave of protests and unrest known as the Euromaidan and infused aspects of the crisis into their designs, incorporating bullet-proof vests, gas masks, and patriotic imagery.

However, as it looks like Crimea is voting to secede from Ukraine and join Russia, the rest of the six-day event seems uncertain.

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this is good example of political message and its in russian