UK Female Pioneers Get Own Stamps • Josef Fritzl Declared Clincally Sane

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• The British Royal Mail has issued stamps for six female pioneers, including family planning activist Marie Stopes and Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, the first British woman to qualify as a doctor. • Some activists, however, are upset about the inclusion of Ms. Stopes getting her own stamp since she famously supported eugenics and expressed Nazi sympathies later in her life. • An Australian PSA warns parents about buying alcohol for their kids by laying the blame on drunk girls (and their parents) who get raped at parties. • A 72-year-old woman vacated her apartment in Delaware when she discovered six baby snakes in her bathroom and bed last month. •• Josef Fritzl, the Austrian man who imprisoned and raped his daughter for 24 years in his basement, has been declared clinically sane, according to an Austrian psychiatric report to be presented when he comes to trial sometime next year. • Honor Blackman, the actress who played Pussy Galore in the film Goldfinger, says that her Bond girl was "no bimbo" but a "career woman" who fell in love with Bond. • Are you prone to shedding tears on your pillow? Now there's a pillow that is specially designed for bedtime-weepers. • Two Icelandic women have been put in charge of two nationalized banks that helped push Iceland's economy to the edge of bankruptcy. • A 24-year-old Australian woman who hid in her lover's house 10 years ago for 5 years and led her family to believe she was dead has recently married the man who helped hide her. • A new exercise program is being developed by researchers to reduce knee injury in the anterior cruciate ligament in women, which often sidelines female athletes. • A Florida grand jury issued a sealed murder indictment today in the murder of missing 3-year-old Caylee Anthony. • A 68-year-old former cross-country champion ran after and caught a 15-year-old boy who stole her handbag in England. • Some young Muslim women in Turkey are rebelling against against the secular Turkish state, which forces them to drop out of college if they wear headscarves. • Actress Maggie Quigley (or Maggie Q) describes the stereotypes in Hollywood about Asians and the difficulty she has in Hollywood due to her biracial background. • The California Association of Clerks and Election Officials wants to delay the change on marriage licenses from "Party A" and "Party B" to a "bride" and "groom" which is supposed to go into effect on November 17 since the clerks are currently overloaded with Election paperwork. •


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It's about damned time that Casey Anthony was indicted.

Unfortuntely, this means Nancy Grace will go for the extra-crazy on her show tonight.