Britney Spears Doesn't Remember Meeting Taylor Swift Despite Having Met Her Twice

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On Sunday morning, Backup Queen of Las Vegas Britney Spears was a guest on the Kyle and Jackie O Show to talk about her new music, but that’s not important. What’s important is that, when asked whether she would rather hang out with Katy Perry or Taylor Swift, Spears said she’d prefer to hang with Taylor. Why, you ask? Because she’d “never met her before.”


But the thing is...she has.

BuzzFeed reports fans were quick to point out at least two documented interactions between the two superstars—the first in 2003, and the second in 2008.

That is just so typically her.


We’re getting closer and closer to a decision about who will be “Queen of MeanKelly Ripa’s next co-host, and it’s looking like the frontrunners are still Fred Savage and Anderson Cooper. Though you may have heard that Mario Lopez, Rob Lowe, and Jeff Gordon were being considered, Page Six is reporting that they completely ruined their chances by “talking themselves up in the press” and allegedly leaking “items about them being courted to take the seat next to Kelly full time.”


Page Six continues:

Sources say that all the boasting makes it looks like they’re out for themselves. “After the whole thing with Michael, [the producers] want someone loyal. They want someone who is going to be in it long-term. They don’t want a self-promoter and to [have to] be doing this whole thing again in a year.”


We’ll probably find out who Kelly’s next human ottoman is during sweeps week in November.

[Page Six]

If you look closely at Lea Michele’s naked body on the cover of this month’s issue of Women’s Health, you’ll notice that she has the name “Finn” tattooed above her left butt cheek as a tribute to Corey Monteith, as it was the name of his character on Glee.


Enjoy that knowledge!


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Ugh I feel bad for Britney on this one. It reads as funny/shady but like, how many people do you think she’s taken pics with in her life? How many people are like ‘OMG BRITNEY’ and she’s supposed to remember every single one? I mean, lol because Taylor is mega-famous now but I’m willing to give Britney a pass on not remembering a couple of pics from 8+ years ago. The way the comment is phrased it seems sweet and genuine, like she actually wants to meet Taylor properly, not shady at all.