Ugh, Enough With The Sluts Already!

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Not to show our age, but there was once a time when MTV's The Real World represented a certain progressiveness that made it both entertaining and educational to watch (hell, we once donated a piggy bank's worth of change to Pedro Zamora's health care fund!). The show wasn't an STD relay-race or a flipbook of horrendously offensive stereotypes; You could tell the cast members apart and not just by the size of their breasts (seriously, the only difference between the current season's Shauvon and Tricia, who sport the same trashy dye-job is Shauvon's Double-D's). Though the "characters" fought just as often, the brawls usually stemmed from issues larger than themselves (like when Season One's Kevin and Julie clashed over racism) not over whether a girl fell off a chair because she was drunk or because somebody didn't catch her. That said, we're hypocrites because we still watch every season, if only to remind ourselves that we're too old to be on the show. Still, last night's episode pissed us off.


A brief rundown: Kinda thuggish cast member Isaac got into a fight with the aforementioned fallen drunk girl and called her a slut, later "apologizing" because "when I get up and start yelling at a girl, that's one of the first words that comes out - you're a slut, you're a whore, you're cock tease...twat. There's a bunch of others words I say to girls just to make them pissed off." Nice apology, douche. Also, can guys please get a little more creative with their insults and stop acting like the best way to kick girls when they're down is to imply that they're sexually promiscuous when chances are they're not, or even if they are they're safe about it, or, even more likely, that the guy spewing the insult is "sluttier" but gets called a stallion instead? Anyway, Isaac, should have just dissed this girl's hair. That would have been a far more accurate, and hurtful, insult any day.

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I often wonder if Dominic is even still alive. Had a bit of a drinking problem, as I recall.