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Remember the woman who was killed last week because her Uggs apparently got stuck in train tracks? Now investigators are saying it isn't the footwear to blame but the woman's boyfriend, who is being charged with manslaughter. Apparently after getting stuck in the tracks, two strangers came and assisted the woman, freeing her, but once her foot was released, the boyfriend encouraged her to go ahead and run in front of the train to cross to his side of the platform, rather than wait for the train to pass. He was annoyed at the idea of missing his ride. [Daily Mail]

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@westvillagegirl: Charged with ... giving really shitty advice? This stuff was all in the original story, as linked on this site — god knows why he beckoned her to cross, but unless (a) she's cognitively disabled, (b) he forced her onto the tracks, or (c) this was all some elaborate multi-part set-up, he's just an innocent moron with really poor spatial skills.