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A woman died yesterday in England when she was hit by a train because she was wearing Uggs. Uggs, apparently, are easily stuck on train tracks in Britain because of a series wooden slats designed to keep animals away. [The Sun]



After reading the article, it doesn't seem like the Uggs were to blame at all. When I read the first sentence:

"Her boyfriend and a brave passer-by pulled her free but watched in horror as the train hit her at up to 50mph."

I figured that it was a typo and they meant to say that they TRIED to pull her out. BUT... later on in the article...

"Jonathan darted through the barriers and helped get her foot out - with the train just 25 FEET away. He said: "I had her in my arms. She was safe. But her boyfriend screamed at her to get to the other side. "

Am I reading this incorrectly, or is the "blame" really on the boyfriend for asking her to cross the tracks when the train was 25 feet away? Or the girl for "curling into a ball" instead of moving out of the way? And either way, is anyone really to blame? It was a horrible, freak accident. It could have happened with Uggs, Crocs, Manolos, or Nikes. It is terrible, but sometimes tragic things happen.