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"No one ever expected Uggs to be so popular," says Cos Constantinou, managing director of Kate Kuba, the largest stockists of Uggs in England. (In a report out in late October, Deckers, the company that owns Uggs, announced that revenues for the third quarter were up 67%). Um, yeah. They're ugly! The Daily Mail reports that in Australia, Uggs have their own entry in the dictionary, complete with a "Derivation: ugly.") And, it turns out, they're not so practical either: they're not only not waterproof, they're dangerous and disgusting.

I saw a young woman last week who had completely wrecked the boot at the back - the sole is a very soft material and it hadn't held her foot in position. This can cause a lowering of the arch, which can cause tendon strain. Her sole had just worn through, like you'd find on the slippers of an old lady hobbling around a nursing home.


That's Michael O'Neill of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists in the UK. Says one other Ugg-wearer: "On the box it says you should wear them without socks. But if you do that they really get quite smelly." Ah, Hollywood blondes... Always making fashion choices that stink.

The UGGly Truth [Daily Mail UK]

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I feel the need to let you North Hemisphere folks in on a secret — in the Antipodes, Uggs are slippers. You crazies insist on wearing them out-of-doors for your own bizarre and unsearchable reasons. And fallen arches/footstink shall be your reward.