UberYACHT Is Real

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Have you ever wanted to drink and hang out with your friends, but do it on top of water? Now you can, with UberYACHT.

The new service from the king of questionable labor practices will launch in Dubai on Saturday. According to CNN, customers will be able to reserve a yacht 48 hours in advance, complete with food, drinks, and an on-board DJ for $82 (AED 300), which seems absurdly cheap.

“At Uber we are constantly innovating our services. We want to be more than just a leader global technology app [lol okay], we want to provide experiences at the push of a button,” said Uber’s general manager Chris Free to CNN.


He continued, “Following the success of UberCHOPPER in Dubai, we are thrilled to introduce UberYACHT to Dubai’s waters with this exclusive party that residents can book just as they would an Uber car or chopper, with the same level of convenience, reliability and accessibility.”

The company has also offered, at various points, UberEATS (for food), UberCHOPPER (for helicopters), UberBOAT (for boats), UberPuppyBowl (for puppies), UberHEALTH (for flu shots), UberKITTENS (for kittens), and UberIceCream (for ice cream).

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