In India, Uber is introducing two new ways to make their riders feel safe in the wake of a woman reporting that she'd been raped by her driver—a panic button and a safety net.

According to the Guardian, the taxi company's panic button allows riders to call the police in an emergency and the safety net allows them to share their coordinates with up to five other people to find help. The San Francisco-based transportation outfit is also assembling a local team to help riders who report an emergency through the panic button.

The panic and safety net features debut on Wednesday, though it's unclear whether these options will be available elsewhere around the world.

In December, a Uber rider said she was sexually assaulted in New Delhi and sued Uber in January, claiming the company isn't doing enough to keep its customers safe. There is also the matter of whether Uber "misrepresented the safety of its services." At the moment, Uber's been banned in New Delhi, Hyderabad and all of the southern state of Karnataka.

Image via Getty.