U.S. News Editor Calls Bull On "Sexist Men Make More Money" Study

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Remember the study we discussed on Monday, the one that suggests that men who have "traditional" views make $8,500 more than men who have "egalitarian views"? Well U.S. News & World Report contributing editor Bonnie Erbé finds the study dubious. Her first issue with the findings is that surveys were taken over the course of a quarter century. "Many of the participants were children when the data were first being gathered," Erbé notes. "Of what relevance is a child's salary or income?" Furthermore, she finds the wording of the survey questions seriously flawed.According to Erbé's blog, "To reveal their gender role views, participants indicated how strongly they agreed or disagreed with statements such as: a woman's place is in the home; employment of wives leads to more juvenile delinquency; a man should be the achiever outside the home; and women are much happier if they stay home and take care of children." Erbé believes that the researchers' questions are so extreme that participants wouldn't take them seriously. "If the authors' view of 'traditional' Americans is that 'women are much happier if they stay home and take care of children,' they need to look up the difference between 'traditional' and 'atavist.'" Oooh, burn, Bonnie! Erbé's other arguments are that more egalitarian men might opt out of jobs that involve longer hours so that they can help raise children, and that men who have "traditional" attitudes generally gravitate towards fields with reputations for institutionalized sexism, like finance and law. Of course, not all bloggers disagree with the original study. The enlightened gentlemen over at the Motor Trend forums (!) are thrilled with the results of the study. The study was first posted in the forum by "scout_vet" whose tag quote is, "The eight words to save your marriage: long hair, stay thin, sex anytime, shut up." Charming! Another poster called "as_long_as_it_runs" notes, "It sounds like to maximize your income as a couple, you need to be a traditional guy who marries a raging feminist. Personally, I'll settle for a little less income." Those are pretty tough words for a dude who uses emoticons. Anyway, this pretty much proves one of Erbé's points: perhaps "traditional" men go into fields where institutionalized sexism is rampant... like the auto industry! Sexism Pays? Studying It Certainly Seems To [Us News & World Report] Sexism Study, Take Two-the Absurdity Continues [Us News & World Report] Men With Traditional Views On Women Earn More? [Motor Trend Forum] Earlier: Sexism Pays: Men With "Traditional" Views Earn More


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Erin Gloria Ryan

It sounds like the commenter on Motor Trend's message board wants a blow up doll, not a wife.

Hey guys! They're much cheaper! And they can't get pregnant! And no actual woman needs to deal with your bullshit!